Diy Super Strong Rustic Coffee Table Under 40

Tools for wood working

Quite often for a case door on a balcony other design gets out – thin rabbeted boards or even lining of the necessary size gather for glue and are pulled together in clamps before its full drying. Then such board amplifies crossing points.

The following step on a framework fixes regiments. They can consist of the boards which are densely stacked by a row and fastened to a bar by self-tapping screws aflush or of plywood 10÷12 mm thick. Edges of boards or plywood have to be well processed by a milling cutter.

If for any reasons there was no long bar which will rise on all height of a balcony, the framework can be collected and from shorter pieces fixed serially at each other. In this case vertical and horizontal details of a design are mounted at the same time. Such system of frame assembly is admissible in case the combined framework is fixed on a wall. If one of the parties of a framework is free, for it it is necessary to use an integral bar surely.

The doorframe for a case on a balcony can be sheathed and plastic lining. It will be especially good to look it indoors, completely trimmed same material. The door from plastic turns out easy, and for it the frame made of a massive and heavy bar is not necessary. There will be enough board 12÷15 mm thick.

Rolling shutters are considered as the most expensive, but their appearance is attractive therefore they well look in any room. It is desirable to get the rolling shutters which are already made at plant, and they are on sale in a set with all necessary for installation of a krepezhama.