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Hot to prep for moving I quit my job to make a solid wood bookshelf

At all times builders of wooden houses were faced by the same problem, a so-called problem of the lower binding of the house and a wreath. The first wreath of the house almost completely defines its durability, and the wood choice for its device or methods of its processing made a secret of the good carpenter. Today these secrets already those are not and in this article we will consider as correctly to choose a tree for the lower wreath of a garden or country house and as it is correct to process it in order that this lodge served not one ten years.

Considering a number of anti-septic tanks for protection of the lower wreaths of a garden or country house, owners should pay attention to such number of anti-septic tanks, as the preserving antiseptics. They are intended for long-term protection of a tree in difficult service conditions. An example of such means are Senege Oultra, Senege Biot and Senezh Impra. All of them give reliable protection for 30-35 years, but have one shortcoming – they not colourless. The tree covered with them has greenish or yellowish color. Senezh Ekobio, thus the term of protection of a tree same, as well as at the earlier listed is relieved of this shortcoming.

Having considered all package of measures at the choice of a tree and protection of the lower wreaths of a garden, country house or a bath, we can tell with confidence that observance of these recommendations will give to the owner confidence that his house will serve it long, and the ecological balance of such house will not be broken.

If it is not possible to find a larch for laying of the first wreath of a garden lodge, for other breeds of a tree it is worth paying attention to the basic rules of the device of a wreath and its processing to which the following belongs

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