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It is a revival symbol. In the fall trees lose leaves and for several months go to hibernation. But the spring will come, on trees there will be tiny kidneys which will be dismissed then, on trees there will be fresh flowers and green leaves.

The tree of Life is connected with knowledge and wisdom. If the symbol which will help is necessary will concentrate on development, work and knowledge acquisition, the Life Tree very well for this purpose approaches.

It is an immortality symbol. The tree grows old, but it sows seeds which contain its essence, thus the tree becomes immortal.

The life tree also symbolizes a family thanks to branches, showing a continuity of generations. The person unites as branches to parents and grandfathers and grandmothers, and also to children and grandsons and so on. Not for nothing there is a concept a family tree.

Celts felt deep communication with the nature, especially concerning trees. Trees were not simply inanimate objects which were used for food and housing, but also were places for collecting. The tree of life symbolizes the bridge between the earth and the sky. Its roots are connected with the underground world, a trunk – with the world of people, and branches last in the sky. The tree symbolizes coherence of the sky, the earth and all live.

Thus, a life tree – a symbol new also began lives, a symbol of positive energy, a good health and bright future. This symbol is very good for the pregnant woman.