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Assembly of kitchen the hands or how to please the wife, so far it on holiday

And here the joyful moment when she became pregnant came. They waited for the boy. And then the master decided to collect by his birth a bed the car.

Especially as the driver incidentally came across the instruction how to make a bed the car the hands made by that mad master. It is universal. You can look on the Internet of a photo or video about car beds, to choose the most suitable design of a product and, using the instruction which we give to you below, to bring together her.

It appears, he was not always an eremite. It had a wife the beauty.

As a result hardly, but he made this bed one week prior to alleged appearance of the kid. But there was a misfortune.

The driver, appears, knew this house. It belonged to the master who did children's beds for boys.

They long argued who from them will get this bed, and decided to hold competition: who will think up the best bed. As the judge chose the passenger. She has to award a bed to what idea will be pleasant to it more.

There is nothing to chatter, it is necessary to take and make. Therefore if you decided to make a children's bed the car the hands, will be enough to tell the wife and the child (if it already is), what it will be remarkable and as on it it will be convenient. Simply take and make.

He did not know how to make a children's bed the car therefore saw a lot of information on this subject, studied drawings, schemes, consulted at forums on professionals, etc.

And when they terminated to tell and addressed to the passenger that she chose the winner, they noticed that she fell asleep.

However there was no place to sleep therefore men put a children's bed near a fireplace and seated the passenger there, and settled on each side.

From point A the taxi went to point B. In it were: driver two passengers and one passenger. None of them were not familiar with each other to a meeting in the car.

The first passenger told that he would make to the kid of Ferrari. Painted in all paints as it will look as in it it will be convenient to the kid and as it will be pleasant to him.