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The joiner too works with wood, but it is possible to call his work in a certain measure art and creative. He creates various elements which then are applied as a decor from a tree. For example, the joiner can make an arch, doors, windows or ladders – home decoration which not only are functional, but also are esthetic, they give to registration a certain highlight.

The joiner – Councils does to the beginning joiner, the carpenter and the cabinetmaker at production of furniture by the hands | the hands

When carrying out repair or construction works many people have a need for services of the joiner. Or carpenter? Between representatives of these two professions there is a lot of general, so, that some consider them as toilers of the same craft. Both the joiner, and the carpenter work with wood, but on it similarity comes to an end, and differences begin.

1. Work of the carpenter more rough whereas it is possible to call work of the joiner creative and art.

Summarizing all above, it is possible to mark out the following differences between representatives of these two professions:

If before a profession of the joiner and the carpenter were perceived, as two separate units, now the joiner-carpenter – a demanded profession, which representative are the unique expert, occupied not only preparation of forest materials for the subsequent operation, but also involved in designing and assembly of objects from wood. Such employees became almost irreplaceable at construction works, creation of bridges, and also other wooden designs.

The carpenter works only with a tree, and the joiner should face different materials, for example metal elements.