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Garden bench build with a lid How to make a desk with back

Scissors will better cut if to grease their edges with wax or paraffin.

To truncate a bolt, on it it is necessary to navertet a nut. The necessary part of a bolt is cut off, the nut is screwed together, the carving damaged at a pileniye thus is restored.

Rub a screw with soap, and it will come into solid wood much easier.

If, having sawn off a board, you were mistaken on 2-Z mm in the big party, it is possible to correct an error as follows: make the sawn-off pieces, enclose under them a board and clamp clamps. Saw again in a cut place, and excess millimeters will be removed.

To plan the center of openings under the screws fixing a door or window loop it is necessary to put a loop to the place planned for its fastening and then cause with a screw-driver edge (width of an edge of a screw-driver has to be equal to diameter of an opening in a loop) in each of openings two mutually perpendicular risks. In a point of intersection risok also there will be a center of an opening under screws.

If the hand saw badly saws a crude or resinous tree, wipe its teeths soap.

To drill rotation or the hand drill a series of openings of the same depth, it is necessary to put on a drill the limiter - a metal tube.