Cheap And Easy DIY Bench For The Garden

Bedroom decor projects with floating night stands

Fasten the parties of a triangle and prisverlit them to the basis. Do the same with the friend a lodge end face.

In joiner's workshops for acceleration of process use some clamps at once but if you have no such number of tools and there is no hurry, can manage also one.

As the weight of the closed design is much higher, than at frame, strengthenings of a framework metal corners to you definitely not to avoid.

They are good if you need completely folding bed or you wish to simplify to yourself a task.

Instead of boards also lining especially as it is already processed will approach. Well proved also furniture boards. From them it is convenient to cut windows: it is not necessary to adjust plates on length.

Beautiful bed curtains from above — excellent decoration of a lodge. It can be monophonic pastel color, air of organza, and even in a small floret.

On windows and doors it is possible to sew from a curtain, especially if the room on sunny side. Anyway, during a day dream they will not be superfluous.

Material is put on furniture bolts, usually closing hats caps under color of furniture, but sometimes leave as is.

The product after drying does not become loose. According to experts, the presented way of assembly — the most durable and esthetic from all existing.

It is beautiful when the furniture of a recreation area has something in common or even continues idea of registration of all bedroom.

As roof ridge the beam similar by the sizes can serve bed length.

The back wall is done of plywood about 12 mm thick. If paste on it wall-paper, at the child the most real apartment will turn out!

Twist fasteners slowly, differently the tree can burst. The turned-out bed will manage to be taken easily to pieces for transportation or shift.

To add to the turned-out corner a cosiness maximum, the facade can be boarded, previously having also ground them.

So consistently fasten all eight horizontal levels from above and from below (four on width and as much on length) with four vertical. Watch that internal corners were equal 90 °C, and then the external will exactly settle down, on one line.