Building A 27 Coffee Table With A Sliding Lid

Bed side table with fingerprint lock

Wax for polishing of a tree is used for restoration of color on old things and its strengthenings on new, and also for removal of shabby spots. If to add essential oil of orange or a jasmine at a hashing stage, in the room there will be a magic aroma.

Look narrowly, you are surrounded by a set of things from a tree which processed surface shines or is opaque shines:

For modern furniture polishing is not the most suitable way of processing of surfaces. In fashion now — soft gloss wax or opaque — on the basis of shellac — a covering. But for many subjects of old furniture the smooth sparkling surface — is a tribute to style. Therefore at care of furniture and its restoration often not to manage without updating old polishing, and sometimes — after repair — and to put new in the traditional way.

Polishing — labor-consuming operation even for the expert. It is natural that the beginner at its development can have problems. But, having trained, and the house master can reach satisfactory results. Anyway it is worth trying to polish couple of unnecessary pieces of plywood before being accepted to processing of furniture.

But not always polishing of wooden products is pertinent and safe, this number enter:

The most difficult type of processing of a surface of an interline interval and integral tree still is polishing. Today on sale there are many colourless varnishes for creation of brilliant sheetings. Those who want to update old furniture, have to examine technology of its polishing.