Build A Platform Bed With Rob Cosman

How to build a wooden box with lights

The right choice of a floor which will please not one ten years, is defined not only quality of material, but also flavoring preferences, specifics of the room, financial opportunities.

Dark floor + light walls and a ceiling - expansion of space of the room.

Service life of the board made of the massif of a valuable tree exceeds 80 years that is many times more than service life of other floor coverings. Therefore the massive board costs expensive, and its choice – business responsible.

At a choice of breed of wood it is necessary to remember that color of a floor considerably influences perception of space of the room. A light floor, reflecting light, visually increases room space. Light floors are perfectly combined with a large amount of other colors. In turn, dark floors approach practically any interior style. In rooms with a dark floor any subjects look brighter and nasyshchenny. The dark floor will give to the room luxury.

Dark floor and ceiling + light walls - increase in width and reduction of height of the room.

Light floor, ceiling and back wall + dark lateral walls – creation of effect of the narrow and high room.

Light floor, lateral walls and ceiling + a dark back wall – expansion and reduction of depth of the room.

Modern technologies in production of a parquet help to open the drawing of noble beauty of wood which is given rise by the nature. For this live unique drawing the massive board for a floor is equated to a true work of art. One type of this material gives original pleasure.

Light floor and ceiling + dark walls - creation of emphasis on horizontal lines of an interior.

It is one of the most important characteristics of a massive board which in many respects defines its service life. This parameter influences such factors, as:

Service life of the board made of the massif of a valuable tree exceeds 80 years.

Dark floor and walls + a light ceiling – creation of effect of a basement.