Bed Side Table With Combination Lock 3

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If symmetry not your fad – has to be made a sketch previously. Usually I use for this purpose paper in a section. Where in the scale 1sm (2 sections) is 10 cm of space.

Slavic women in all centuries were famous for ability to create fine things the hands. And today many carry on this tradition, being fond of needlework. Thus each woman, whose hobby – needlework, at some point faces need to equip a place where it will be convenient to it to be engaged in creativity. How it is correct to make it? Let's understand.

Such type of an ironing table is created specially. If you, for economy of space, do the ironing room in the storeroom, such board is very convenient. It is suspended on arms on a door.

The board can act and be cleaned in any place. At me it is fixed on a wall from a chipboard.

Unfortunately, over time collects materials more and more and it is necessary to think over new places for their storage.

For an open creative place it is good to think over the products decorating it. In my case, it is beadwork. (The work of mother of my friend made especially for me.) And the small embroidered miniature, the same author.

As for accessories and various adaptations for needlework, on the contrary, to them light is not terrible, it is better to store them in open or transparent containers. So more conveniently and quicker will be to find them.

At first, all regiments were a triangular form. It gave the chance beautifully to arrange on them subjects. But over time places it was required more, and the top shelf was replaced with the usual.

Before starting such serious business as the organization of a workplace of the needlewoman, once you solve, a lot of time will be devoted to occupation by a favourite hobby.

At a leisure it is possible to look as this or that arrangement of shelves will look. For example, width of my glazed balcony of 88 centimeters. It is just enough for a workplace. Regiments unequal height, made at once under subjects on them standing.