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10 amazing projects made from pallets

The wooden house has the philosophy. Agree, the unforgettable feeling — to live in an environment of a tree which kind one hundred years absorbed in itself sunshine and warms now the saved-up heat your dwelling. To emphasize this ecological dominant, special, careful approach to architecture and an interior is necessary, after all any alien detail can break complete perception of a slice of the nature within four walls.

Other natural roofing material — a ceramic tile — on roofs of wooden houses meets seldom, is mounted mainly on the stone. She heavy, demands more powerful rafter system and more rigid basis on which the roof leans, gives a dopolnitelnuyunagruzka for shrinkage of wooden walls. Therefore more often wooden houses cover with a flexible tile, and here the metal tile from the point of view of design is more preferable to bar-shaped houses as emphasizes their laconic, more modern look.

Depending on features of a design wooden stay several types at home: from an ordinary bar, from a profiled or glued bar, log houses of the manual cabin, house from the rounded log. They differ generally with ways of processing and construction of walls. A glued bar — the material which is most undergone processing, because much more expensive, but possessing the minimum shrinkage (which is not exceeding 1%) and deformation, not needing internal finishing, convenient in installation. The natural tree gives the saved-up moisture to dry weather, and in crude, on the contrary, absorbs in itself its surplus in premises therefore it is recognized as construction material, unsurpassed on level of a comfortable microclimate, long ago.