Basic Set Of Tools For Beginning Woodworkers

How to make a plywood desk with a lid

The greatest they for a wild felling, the smallest - for the house from glued wood. The main factor of risk - use of material of high humidity and a low grade, dishonesty and nonprofessionalism of performers. Factory production of the house at which the human factor is less considerable is more reliable;

Therefore its processing of times in some years means of biological protection is necessary for ensuring durability and presentable appearance of the house (antiseptics).

Each lamel is impregnated, as a rule, with protective equipment by production.

- it is less or at all the glued bar does not need processing.

The smallest it at a wild felling, the greatest - at the house from a glued bar. Need to stop construction for a long time for a perezhidaniye of shrinkage of the building is connected with high humidity and big thickness of material;

Actually this statement is completely fair for a wall from a bar, and for timbered - only partly.

At the correct selection wall thickness on a joint has to be not less than two thirds of diameter of a log. However unfair builders try to choose less as then it is possible to save on amount of material and labor input of works.

It is important not only thickness of logs, but also that, how many is chosen wood when laying wreaths at each other.

- surfaces of the rounded log and an integral bar can be processed at plant, and then in the first 5-8 years they will not demand leaving. However further hosts have to resume protection;

The walls are thicker - the house is warmer. In this regard construction of a wild felling as most comfortable house is propagandized.

Each type of the house has the features which can be attractive to one consumers and not matter for others. Differences are as follows, first of all: