Ancient Egyptian Wooden Lock From Wood

Woodwork for the garden

However, if you decide to use a natural tree in an interior of kitchen, a bathroom and other rooms with high operational and loadings, you should face and wood shortcomings, such as:

Dressing of interiors wood has the pluses and minuses. Among the main advantages of this material it is possible to call:

For the first two styles the tree and a stone will become excellent combinations in an interior. For example:

Elements of a wooden decor usually have a difficult profile of a surface therefore they accumulate heavy pollution. In kitchen it is a soot and fatty evaporations. At violation of integrity of sheetings (a varnish, paints) it is necessary to restore them immediately. Otherwise on wooden details there will be serious damages – deep cracks, rotting and other defects.

At a choice of internal registration it is necessary to consider the general style of the building, its design and architectural features. The tree as material for finishing is very much a means of expression in an interior therefore it in the best way is suitable for such styles as: