Amazing Woodworking Project From Scratch Time

18 ideas for home with only $100 18 ideas for small space

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I did a bed in September, covered with the same varnish only color. On it we sleep every day and jumped with running start. And any cracks and convexities. If did not work with a tree - be not the divanny expert.

Did a locker to the wife for March 8. Seldom I photograph work process, but I like to share ready things. A locker of 3030180 cm 4 departments under footwear: 40 cm under boots and three departments 35sm under sneakers and to that similar footwear. 1 department under deodorants and perfumery. One of sidewalls is covered with five mirrors from Ikea (3030 cm). Are drilled and put on screws. Refused standard fastening in favor of low cost because I did not find cheap sets (and 5 sets were necessary to me). The case is made of furniture boards of 1,830180 cm. Collected on shkant (chopika) and glued all parties. Shkanta for experiment were, other furniture at me on self-tapping screws is made. It is covered with a colourless varnish on two times. From below the tightening-up legs (as on the washing machine) are made to level on any surface.

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