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As you can see, works not so much. It is necessary only to polish off end faces, to smooth the necessary corners and to think of, whether impregnation or varnishing will be necessary.

After we shared with you ten options of benches for a bath the hands which drawings are given above, let's sort in more detail one of them.

Why it is necessary to protect a tree in the washing – clearly, there water flows. But in other bathing rooms too not absolutely it is dry. Anyway, in a bath everywhere the humidity increased. So impregnate and varnish everything, than will consider it necessary.

All bench is made of boards of the same width and thickness is 50 by 100 mm.

On it everything, we hope, you received a complete idea how to make a bench in a bath the hands. It is necessary only to realize some of options or to think up own. We wish you good luck!