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Before New Year's holidays it is accepted to decorate with LED fires not only fir-trees, but also and the trees, bushes located on the central streets. This tradition successfully got accustomed at us and thanks to emergence of the light-emitting diodes (which are gradually forcing out glow lamps), extends on streets of the cities, in parks and squares more actively, is used when dressing garden sites. The set of garlands for fastening on a tree, is called – a garland the clip light, consisting of several LED threads (most often it is 3-5 beams) 10-20 meters long, connected to the general lowering transformer. Ready sets it is convenient, the buyer should not worry that he forgot something to buy for normal work of a garland. To examine features of installation and to learn as to choose a garland for a tree, you can in article prepared by our experts.

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