7 Ways To Mount A Workbench Vise

Cheap and easy DIY bench for the beginning diyer Woodworking ideas for our move efficiently

And during only couple of tens minutes we receive some zagogtovka.

We bend slightly in the area of a cut. We watch that two halves would not break off.

Sidewalls of benches can be made in the different ways. In this lesson we do of a wire with a diameter of 0,7 mm. And though it is slightly thickish, we will make of it something like sidewalls hand-rail. On podkhodyashche on diameter a round stick we will make semicircular preparations for sidewalls. We cut off them on necessary height 6mm.

Pleasantly when you come to park, or to the square, to sit to have a rest and eat ice cream, and you see that there are many free benches and is where to spend time with pleasure. And on a podmaketnik for the house, on a landscape, there is a wish to see as much as possible benches, shops, a swing. How to make the hands it is a lot of and quickly small benches or shops for model scale, for example 1:200 or 1:300? Everything is rather simple. Going down the street, pay attention to benches by which you pass perhaps many times. What they? How they can be represented in small scale? Let's look at below-mentioned photos and we will try to make quickly the elementary surroundings for a public garden. We mark two strips 3 and 5 mm wide on any thin plastic. It will be seats and backs for future benches.

To lots a strip on bench width, for example on 12 mm.

Accurately pasted them to lateral faces, and here — one bench is already ready.

And from other slices it is possible to stick together quickly both a children's swing and simple shops.

We make an incision the line of a bend slightly, not up to the end. We cut off together and backs and seats.

Thin delay (for accuracy), from a drop of tsianakrilatny glue of the same plastic which is squeezed out on a slice, we glue a place of a joint of a back and a seat of our benches. In advance giving to fingers the necessary corner.

From a slate pencil of a colored brown and yellow usual pencil (at whom is, it is possible to use pastel pencils) nastrugivay a fine dust or shaving on a sheet of paper. We apply with a simple dry-brush mix of powder of brown and yellow pencils, on already painted benches. They become opaque and shabby as the real "live" wooden boards.

Now our benches need to be painted. We give them a species of the real tree with cast sidewalls. Under a tree it is not necessary to paint everything without gaps. And acrylic paint (from a tube) just well approaches.