7 Ways To Make A Beautiful Slab Table

Simple DIY lounge sofa made with a jigsaw

So, our council: all ingenious – is simple. And we do not recommend all courageous decisions for a balcony. The simplest door – that is necessary.

To provide the scheme there is here no sense as everything is very simple. Do a box, and on it hang up doors.

And the computer table can be put, and a table for needlework. Generally, anything!

Such cases can be done in two ways. In the form of a chest, with the cover which is leaning back upward or in the form of a bench, a door at which below. We give to you examples and that and other option.

And here its scheme. Can put doors on the taste, here it is not so important.

We suggest to look at our photos and very much we hope that the options chosen by us will be to you to taste.

By itself, the sizes are specified approximate here and you have to arrange them independently under the balcony.

Important remark: if you plan to store in it vegetables, do not forget to make a drill small openings for ventilation. But will not make – potatoes and other root crops will decay.

Especially, one of them and so opens towards a window and it is absolutely unimportant that it will block for some small moment. Still it is possible to make doors accordions, as shown below.

It is better to make many small shelves, than one-two on which you will put preservation one on one, shifting sheets of plywood, for example. It is in that case terribly inconvenient to get something: sometimes it is necessary to sort all stocks, and then to put back.

Case bench – too otliny option for a small balcony. On this photo one of its examples is visible.

Let's say if you put sliding doors on such option of a case as it is shown below, when opening a half will be tightly closed, forming a dead zone. Will get something from it very much and very inconveniently.

Options in this case much. It is possible to make a case with a desktop, and instead of a balcony at you the remarkable office will turn out.

We made an extensive selection, attaching schemes. At desire, you can use any of them and independently build a case on a balcony.

In this case, much more correct decision would be to make oar doors.