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At production of a bunk bed in house conditions it is necessary to pick up material correctly. Experts recommend to pay attention to such types:

The fastening of boards becomes in the convenient way: eyes, thorns. Before fastening they are greased with joiner's glue. Elements connect strongly that there was no possibility of any part of a framework to weaken during operation. The turned-out design is dried. The photo of a bunk bed with a sofa is given below.

It is necessary to consider that any fastening has to be closed. It will secure use of the child of a bed, to protect all design. If furniture with a sofa, a ladder it is better to do with wider steps. Then the wide bar undertakes, and steps crash from within. If steps are fixed by bolts, the longest bolts get out for the top step.

Devices and devices for measurement, fixing are necessary. Not to do in work without simple pencil.

If spiked connection is difficult for the master, it is possible to be used self-tapping screws. The main thing to think over their closing from outer side that there was no opportunity to get grazes and scratches. Fastening amplifies metal corners.

In modern apartments of the room considerably differ by the sizes therefore for the nursery not the biggest room often gets out. Optimum option for increase in free space the made bunk bed the hands, drawings and which schemes will be given below. The only lack of this option, is age of the child as in the teenage period to it awaking inconveniently on the second floor. Having replaced the lower bed with a sofa, the child can create comfortable conditions for a dream even is more senior.

All works demand accuracy and the accuracy of performance therefore each stage accompanies the drawing. It prepares not one, and for all parts. The exact sizes of details, height, thickness will help to receive that result for which the master strives.

At design and development drawings of a bed prepare. The special attention is paid to safety of all design in general: strong framework, reliable sidewalls (protections), easy ladder rise.