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Cross and longitudinal edges provide rigidity of a design. Edges are present not only under a table-top, but also under benches. For reliability of glue connection in details grooves are chosen.

Design at an assembly stage, so far without table-top.

The framework will be curved on the pipe bender from a profile pipe. Pieces of logs are attracted to a framework by ordinary self-tapping screws.

All connections — half-lap, on nagelyakh and glue. Whetstones of a seat are attracted to a framework by galvanized bolts with secret heads.

As material scraps of the logs which remained at a site raskorchevka are used.

It is difficult to call this design a bench or a bench: before us rather stylish and very convenient chair.

The self-made bench is quite capable to decorate your garden.

What designs can be made with the minimum tool kit and moderate expenses of time? Let's give some examples.

Legs are cut from an integral wide board. The lower longitudinal stiffening rib is pasted in through grooves in legs; elements of a seat and two top stiffening ribs are besides fixed on nagel with glue.

It is easy to mix this product with the factory: at the minimum accuracy of production garden benches the hands from metal turn out very presentable. The usual water pipe is bent on the pipe bender and welded in a rigid framework; whetstones are attracted by self-tapping screws from the back party.

Instead of legs two short pieces of a log are used; one more piece dismissed on length went to a seat and backs. In the deepenings chosen in legs the seat is laid with fixing on the wooden nagel put on glue (albuminovy or casein). Racks for a back are fixed by the galvanized hairpins passed throughout through openings.

Pay attention: ideas of garden benches from a tree usually are born the hands at a view of material which you have.

The framework is built from square whetstone, a seat — from rectangular.

It is enough to examine the stocks — and the decision often comes.

Legs are gathered from logs besides on the long nagelyakh put on glue. Each Nagel has to connect at least three logs. The seat of a bench is collected from a board 8040.