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Process of production of a bathing bench is not difficult. Even it will take only some hours from the inexperienced house master.

Bench for a bath – not the same that a garden bench. At assembly it is necessary to consider that:

For seats the special board with a section of 2892 mm is used. 1-3 m long.

Surfaces of a board are ground, and edges are rounded. Levels keep within in the longitudinal or cross direction with an interval of 10 mm. It is an optimum gap for effective ventilation and comfortable sitting. The bench can be made of a wide cut board 50 mm thick.

Use of an oak, poplar, birch, maple is allowed. But these grades firm, are more difficultly processed and are less fragrant.

For bigger durability all connections can previously be missed the mark with glue well.

Any house master can make a simple bench without back for a sweating room.

Carefully air the room that wood and fixture in vain did not become wet.