7 Essential Power Tools For Woodworking

Bed side table with a jigsaw

The wood processed by fire becomes less combustible and is practically not subject to rotting and damage by insects. Therefore such boards use for facing of facades, construction of fences. Regularly to paint such fence or a facade it is not necessary — the burned board does not change the qualities one hundred years.

Naturally, designers could not pass by such material. They began to use the objects processed by fire in interiors to apply boards in equipment of Shou Sugi Ban of different degree of an obgorelost for finishing of walls and ceilings. Covered with oil, surfaces are not soiled.

The tree always borrowed, takes and will take the leading positions among finishing materials, not to mention pieces of furniture and house use. For this reason special attention is always paid to it and the preference is given. The made old wood perfectly adjoins to any modern materials, giving to the room of uniqueness and originality.

Natural process of aging of wood happens throughout the long period of time. The surface of a cut wears out unevenly, the texture becomes non-uniform, a little wavy. Approximately such effect can achieve if to process a wooden product special tools. At a wood brashirovka, at its young age, soft fibers are removed, opening natural appeal of natural patterns on tree cuts.

Giving to wooden surfaces of the made old appearance in the mechanical ways – here that such brashirovaniye of wood if it is short. Actually, it is very interesting and fascinating process in which are engaged not only professional joiners, designers, but also many fans to work as the hands.

Try to texture habitual wood — perhaps, you will discover for yourself new material.

Each product from a natural tree is unique and unique, thanks to individual properties of each breed of wood, more than that is each trunk. However not the sostarivaniye can be subjected any wood breed. Before brashirovat wood this method should know about its pliability. So, best of all it turns out to make old a pine, an oak, a larch, a nut, an ash-tree, wenge. And here concerning a beech, a maple, a birch, cherry, an alder this way of finishing is almost inefficient. Wood of these breeds does not differ in the pronounced invoice. At it transitions between layers of different density are a little noticeable, and even absolutely are absent.