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Bedside table the hands: detailed master class, photo ideas and drawings

As a basis it is possible to follow any pleasant example from the Internet, or completely to reproduce all stages of assembly according to already available schemes, and not to have problems with creative imagination.

So, what the classical curbstone represents? It is reasonable to notice, it will always have right angles and a motionless support. Its main functionality — one or several drawers, or one section with an oar door on the gas-lift.

Without bedside table about a bed it is impossible to present a bedroom, and to make it it is possible the hands.

Council of the master: as initial material it is better to choose a furniture pine board, as more suitable for convenient sawing up in house conditions. It is the most eco-friendly material. The natural beauty of texture of such tree will be organically entered in any bedroom. If you have possibility of sawing up in shop, is practical to choose LDSP, that is the laminated wood-shaving plate. In that case practically all color palette and shades of the most valuable breeds of wood will be available to you.

As the option, besides the table-top, can be a through open additional shelf, for example, as on a photo.

All this variety is capable to confuse you, but do not worry: initially the model from a tree of classical style will be provided to you for an example.

Note: in a pursuit of refined beauty do not apply too bulky canopies, and also loops made of the plastic covered with nickel. They have too small term of operation. Use the usual metal canopies covered with a gold patina, bronze or silver better.