6 DIY Dining Chairs For The Garden

Make a wooden safe to make budget thicknesser

If you cannot independently saw, address to the special master who not only will saw necessary quantity of boards, but also will paste a special edge that they looked more esthetic. Surely sustain boards indoors not less than days that they were in the necessary state and did not warp.

7. Do not do a bed alone, it is difficult to hold all design and to screw in screws.

12. It is possible to varnish, but choose the safest analogs.

1. We get and measure mattresses which beds will form the basis. We add to parameters of a mattress on couple of centimeters — it is our frame.

Best of all pine. It is the idle time from environmentally friendly options of breeds. We need boards of the following sizes:

Non-standard plannings often force to resort parents to self-made sketches of furniture. Define where exactly you are going to enter a bed, and where to make a ladder.

9. The protection needs to be made as it is possible above, but not to forget about an aperture. Otherwise the child will have no place to get.

4. On the top frame we screw a high side that the child did not drop out at night of a bed.

2. We connect whetstones (5-10 cm) that two frames on this basis turned out.

3. Now we screw a board on the received design. Look that everything was reliable and strong.

Consider that the part of length and width will be taken away on themselves by boards, sometimes to 10 cm. Measure height of ceilings — it is necessary that the second circle was convenient that in it it was possible to sit down easily, but not to jump.

8. Prisverlivayem a frame to a wall, having defined a place in advance. It is simplest to screw such bed on gypsum cardboard.

The board will be longer, the it is simpler to saw them.

Not always the bed was intended for two children. There are two-story beds attics and beds locks when the berth is located from above, and below there are a desk and cases. It is steady model, it is not necessary to worry for the child, especially if he is more than 6 years old. Besides, some models combine two circles and vykatny the mechanism — for example, beds for three children.