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Producers assure that synthetics is safe, and it can use for processing of internal rooms. However it not so, synthetic additives are allocated in the atmosphere and do harm to health. Therefore use of artificial oils is admissible only outside, and only in that case when the product passed deep cleaning.

Time of full drying of each layer makes till 24 o'clock.

All oils given above – natural products, their application does not cause any adverse effects for the person. Today often for processing of surfaces use mineral oil which basis are oil products.

Each of the presented oils has the features, the short review of all means is provided in article. Here we will stop on criteria of a choice of oil, and also we will consider, than it is better to cover a tree otherwise.

Process of oxidation of oil at contact with air is followed by temperature increase that can lead to self-ignition of paromaslyany rags, tampons, sponges, etc. All raskhodnik who were used for a wipe of linseed oil, before utilization it is necessary to dry up carefully in the straightened state out of the room, and it is better to wet in water or at once to burn. For the storage of a dispenser and other tools contacting to oil use tight containers.

Linseed oil with wax – an effective decorative sheeting which allocates wood with high moisture protective properties and increases its wear resistance. Impregnation adds to surfaces silky gloss and emphasizes natural advantages of wood. Is suitable for processing of light and dark breeds. Completely natural impregnation is optimum for finishing of timber floors, ladders, doors, furniture and other subjects subject to intensive wear.