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How to make a wooden cd rack

How to make a curbstone under an aquarium of plywood the hands, look in the following video.

Also it is necessary to consider that to an aquarium there has to be a free access that it was possible to approach with a bucket or a net and without problems to carry out all necessary works. And the most important – the aquarium has to be readily available for supervision.

Having the ready drawing of future support and having dealt with materials, it is possible to be accepted to a further embodiment of the project in reality. It is necessary to make such operations for creation of a support step by step.

After purchase or independent assembly of a curbstone its competent installation is required. The floor has to be faultlessly equal, otherwise all efforts of the master will come to nothing. In view of the lump of a curbstone and aquarium with all its filling, it is necessary to understand an impracticability of movement of this bulky design. Therefore it is necessary to find an optimum place for installation in advance. It is provided not only the size of the area, the esthetic party, but also technical equipment. The aquarium is connected to the power supply network, so it is necessary to consider existence of electric sockets absolutely nearby.

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