5 Tools To Use A Planer For Beginners

20 small kitchen design for the beginning diyer

Table for work, a workbench try to dispose closer to a window (if it is), light has to go at the left or in front. Cases with stock and the tool it is better to have on walls, near a table.

If you live in the private house or in the village, own stolyarka can be arranged in a house extension: shed, outer entrance hall, verandah.

The house master stores a large number of scraps of boards, whetstones, laths and fixture, glues, metal scraps – all this needs to think up a convenient way of storage. Racks – crossbeams best of all will be suitable for long materials.

In spite of the fact that work with the joiner's tool looks externally absolutely harmless, any joiner knows that processing of a seasoned wood, especially grinding and milling, is always followed by a large amount of the smallest wood dust. Therefore in a joiner's workshop always there has to be a set of respirators, goggles and the vacuum cleaner.