5 Tools To Make A Wooden Bench For Only 6 Dollars

How to build an

Wooden boards, of course, process in advance, grind and shkurit.

The framework of a garden bench can be made brick or stone, from above it can be covered with a front tile. It will look very effectively.

For a bench from a stone the framework can be stone, brick, metal or wooden. Directly the bench is carried out from a natural or not natural stone. As a natural stone it is possible to apply any integral stone which meets in the market. One surface of a stone has to be 100% equal, and another can be adjusted simply when performing legs of a bench. Not the natural stone can be made also the hands, of concrete mix with addition of crushed stone of small fraction or a crumb from marble, fittings and special equipment which too can be executed the hands. If in mix from concrete to powder special additives for extreme conditions of climate, the ready stone will serve long time.