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or when, for example, flu, you lie some days in a bed, but you get up in a toilet and on kitchen - too risky?

you as well as with the instructions - in the beginning understand, then act. And that to trouble nearby. And here. In the beginning it is necessary to understand the reason, and then already to work. Otherwise, awaking ouch. Well you understood.

For tablets I advise special boxes. Is with napominalka. Helps.

The depression - in itself to you and cardiac pains will make, and faints, and headaches it is not counted at all. But yes. You should not lie. Fact.

I after a stroke was tied. The body demanded the movement, doctors of an immovability.

From where Valya? We too had a nurse with such name.

Therefore our surgeons after operation drive nearly next day ;) Except orthopedists, they can allow some days to lie down, after replacement of a knee for example. Then - anticoagulants. And all others get out of a bed as hares next day; you will think Cesarean section with big blood loss, the obstetrician told to rise, means - to rise. Struggle with thromboses compression massage of feet. All.