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In end of this article, it will be reasonable to notice that the given example of assembly of a bench for a garden site is only basic option. Having collected the first bench, perhaps, there will be a desire to make more difficult design with decorative curls and other improvements. The country shop will begin a favourite place to relax and have a rest on air.

We will consider the simplest and inexpensive design.

Lower drawings – sketches, benches from a bar and a profile are represented.

The technology of assembly of a bench is simple: step by step by means of welding the metal framework is made, and then on it bolts wood whetstones fasten. The bar is planed previously, ground, painted or simply varnished.

How most to make more difficult, but it is considerable, more beautiful shop, it is in detail shown in video.

The listed below tools and materials will be necessary for us for its creation without fail.

When all parts of future bench are prepared, it is necessary only to connect them. It is necessary to begin with a seat framework:

At production of wooden part of a bench whetstones of necessary length will be required.

It is necessary to connect a framework to a board bolts with the rounded-off hat, washers and nuts — 24 sets.