20 Small Kitchen Design For Father S Day

7 ways to cut a dovetail joint by hand Wooden safe with support frame

We cut off excess parts of leatherette, we sprain and it is finally fixed.

Also in end faces it is possible to enclose on three pieces of foam rubber height equal to set height. It will not allow edges to be filled up, and in too time will make them more abrupt.

At a stretch of leatherette wrinkles which we smooth to extreme face areas will be formed. It is possible even to turn off temporarily the self-tapping screws fixing leatherette at end faces.

By knee it is pressed on the center of a board, with a small stretch we wrap leatherette and we fix it the self-tapping screw on the center. Without releasing a knee, we wrap the opposite side of leatherette and also we fix it the self-tapping screw on the center. Now we recede in any party near 150mm and we make the same operations. Thus all the time we watch uniformity of an utyazhka of the parties.

It is more convenient to pull lateral parts along with both parties.

Then the framework is fixed by self-tapping screws to a seat and the bench is ready. And that the bottom of a bench looked esthetically, on it it is possible to paste a piece of leatherette.