18 Ideas For Wood Pallets

How to prep for the beginning diyer How to build a wooden box with a lid

At production of a bedside table the first time, it is necessary to begin with the elementary option. It is a universal curbstone from a tree which will be suitable for placement in a bedroom, an office or a drawing room. Other options, for example, the curbstone under television system, will demand more time and efforts for production.

Transfer marks of places for openings to end faces of vertical partitions (2 averages and 2 lateral). Prepare openings: through on the basis and approximately such length as screws, – in partitions. Fill them on 1/3 glue to strengthen connection and to fasten structure of a chipboard. In addition miss the mark end faces of partitions and sidewalls. Fasten details through the lower basis in partitions.

Your new bedside table is ready. It can be used in such look or if you wish, cut out from plywood and install the back panel. But do not forget before accession on glue and nails to make some openings for carrying out wires to the equipment.

Bedside table in a bedroom or any other room – necessary attribute of furniture. It is possible to get a ready curbstone together with a set of other furniture, but, as a rule, its cost unfairly high.

To have idea how to make a bedside table the hands, it is necessary to possess information on necessary materials and tools, and also step-by-step performance of work.

As production of a curbstone will be from the chipboard (laminated) to you it is required to stock up with material of high quality. Order cutting of details from it in an acquisition place by the provided sizes:

Working with a chipboard it is necessary to try to damage as little as possible internal structure of material that it remained dense. Therefore at connection of details at first it is necessary to rassverlit openings accurately. Make it a thin drill, then expand with thicker it in the top part.