18 Ideas For Home With Pallets

Making a christmas star with pallets

If a design it is not planned to decorate a self-adhesive film, at this stage it is worth processing all details of a bedside table wood stain.

For fastening of the shelf it is necessary to hammer on lateral faces of a curbstone 4 shkant (on two on each of sidewalls). Openings under shkant are made on the top, lower part of a wall and at the top end face.

To understand as to make bedside tables the hands of the standard size, it is necessary to know that is required:

For a natural tree wood stain or colourless impregnation is used.

After assembly of the top part sidewalls, in the last turn – a back and forward wall gather.

If the curbstone is made by the hands with boxes, for them it is necessary to get special accessories – the directing mechanisms. As an alternative directing as more available at the price, G-shaped levels from a tree which are attached to bedside table sidewalls from within in those places where there will be boxes can serve.

On inside of a framework levels for the directing fasten. Assembly of a box is carried out as follows:

Before making a curbstone the hands, it is necessary to collect its wooden framework: laths 7 cm wide fasten among themselves screws or screws, forming a rectangular frame.

At a choice of a chipboard as material of production of a bedside table it is necessary to pay attention to degree of its humidity which can lead to a curvature of a finished product. The curbstone can also be made of natural wood, MDF, plywood or a laminate. For production of the shkant, cranial whetstones wooden directing, frame tsarg, a table-top, it is recommended to use firm grades of wood – an oak, a beech or a birch.

If the curbstone under a sink by the hands, on a table-top where the sink will be fixed is made, the opening of suitable diameter is cut out.

Before making a curbstone, it is necessary to decide on its form and the sizes. It can be a curbstone with a door, several boxes, with the open shelf, or the combined type. Then it is necessary to make drawings which will help to make exact preparations.