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Wooden details have to be carefully ground, grounded and painted by professional acrylic paints industrially.

That it was simpler to you to make a bench the hands I will provide drawings of a bench.

Pleasantly when you come to park, or to the square, to sit to have a rest and eat ice cream, and you see that there are many free benches and is where to spend time with pleasure. And on a podmaketnik for the house, on a landscape, there is a wish to see as much as possible benches, shops, a swing

Work on production of a bench begins with that that boards are sawn on the necessary size.

The bench landscape gardening is executed on a metal framework from a profile pipe with a section of 5025 mm. Sitting consists of wooden boards with a section of 11040 mm in quantity in number of 3 pieces.

So to the majority of initial requirements it meets.

The final stage of assembly of a bench is installation of the lower cross-piece which fastens legs among themselves.

If length of self-tapping screws is not enough, it is possible to drill previously an opening diameter more, than a self-tapping screw hat.

In my opinion, the most difficult and interesting in production of a bench by the hands is a design and ergonomics. Major factors on ergonomics on which it is necessary to pay attention the bench height, seat width, a back tilt angle, width of a back is and is long benches. Depends on these parameters, it will be convenient to use a bench or not.

Now there is a wish to tell some words about a design of a garden bench. Apparently from the drawing and a photo the bench has four legs. Thus back legs carry out a role of the holder of a back. For giving of rigidity of a leg are connected among themselves.

All these sizes are specified taking into account that the final width of a board after planing and so forth processings 140mm.

All sizes on the drawing are specified in centimeters, only the tilt angle of a back and the general height, about it is not specified further. And at first there is a wish to comment on some sizes.