11 Beginner Tips To Build A Plywood Workbench

Cutting board for beginners—how to woodworking Hot to make a solid cherry bookcase

Unconventionally the combined lamps, for example, a wooden basis and glass bottles as plafonds look.

To assemble such lamp shade from plywood, it is necessary to cut a grooving lock on each preparation. Then connection of details can be carried out without glue.

The chandelier from a tree scatters light on all room. Connection of details is carried out by decorative self-tapping screws.

The lodge is ready. The self-made night lamp or a chandelier can be simple with a plain ornament or design with a difficult idea, wall or desktop. We submit video a master class in production of a lodge from several sections.

The wheel will create effect of old times or a hunting lodge, forest bungalow. To the electrician we fix from the top party of a wheel turned to a ceiling.

Plywood – material easy, well giving in to processing. From it it is possible to create various products. For example, an unusual night lamp lamp for a nursery or the hall. It it will be equally good to look on a terrace of the country house and in the city apartment.

The lamp from plywood can have any kind. The main thing in work with this material – need for cutting of openings for passing of light. Still photo of night lamps and lamp shades:

Before preparing branches, it is necessary to decide on design of the lamp shade or a chandelier. Whether there will be this weaving or bandaging of thick sticks a rope, whether the tree will be combined with other products – forging, metal frameworks etc. We represent some interesting ideas:

On video the version of production of a similar subject of lighting, the principle of work the same is submitted:

The snag or stick of an unusual form can be turned into a masterpiece, having added to it the simple lamp shade: