10 How To Build A Strong DIY Swing Set From Wood

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The size of 600 mm, 400-500 mm is optimum a little, and 800-900 mm start caving in under the weight of ware and the case for drying of ware turns out heavy in the loaded state with such width.

More expensive, a difference in the price of 5-10 times, but also more durable option of drying for ware.

There is such nuance here, happen drying who install or in the case from a chipboard 16 mm thick or 18 mm thick, and is universal which are suitable as for a chipboard of 16 and 18 mm due to application of special laying, turn on this attention upon drying purchase.

In design option without bottom, a bottom is the lower part of drying, the frame is more right than it. That is, drying provides the necessary rigidity of a design. Though, in my opinion, so it is necessary to do when the case for drying is between other cases of kitchen. It is necessary to do so because under ware weight the fixture of drying does not maintain, and the drying case in the lower part starts parting in the parties.

The case for drying of ware is a component of the built-in kitchen. Such case usually settles down over a sink. Let's consider a case design for drying of ware and actually drying.

In general, on a design the case for drying corresponds to an ordinary case, except for a case bottom. The matter is that in a case the increased humidity is also necessary for drying of ware additional ventilation. For the solution of this task the bottom in such case is not done or done in the form of two levels 100 mm wide.

These are inexpensive drying that the house-keeper option is called. Such drying with one pallet for the water which is flowing down from ware is supplied.

The case design for drying with a bottom of two levels is done for cheap white sushka and for sushka which have no groove in back part for installation of a back wall from DVP.

Drying more than 600 mm cave in and they are not durable, the rust starts appearing over time, the pallet easily breaks. Installation of white drying simple, is drilled 8 openings with a diameter of 8 mm in which plastic plugs are installed.