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In proportion to the size of wash basins sometimes even two consecutive also furniture height is selected. The design of doors for a wide case has to include two oar shutters. Narrow sinks (30-40 cm) usually have only one door. On two-door wide cases are located increased – with the 60-80th.

Use of similar boxes in a bathroom is more expedient, after all it is possible to put not only subjects of household chemicals, but other trifles like creams, lotions, means for shaving or tooth accessories there. In kitchen the box will not have big functionality because does not maintain big loadings and in it it is possible to store only small things. Also do not store lunch devices as territorially it is in a distance in it and by that inconveniences are created.

To receive rather ergonomic and convenient working space, it is necessary to find a lot of time for the organization of a place in kitchen curbstones. For this purpose there are various sliding and vykatny elements, regiments, mesh capacities, holders, etc. The box under a sink will allow to use rationally space in a curbstone, it is convenient to store cleaners and other kitchen accessories.

In both cases the internal device of a similar case with big dimensions, is strengthened by cross beams, in view of total or partial absence of a back wall for a convenient eyeliner of water.

The kitchen case with a sink should not exceed the height other parts of kitchen set as all of them are integrated and covered with a joint surface.

Besides there is a probability of a leakage of water, and, so it can cause a loss to the equipment which is under a sink.

So, at desire it is possible to adapt the lower circle of a curbstone with a sink for the small built-in household appliances or storage of such subjects, as: blender, grinder, juice extractor, toaster, etc. But it is more rational, is more practical and it is safer to use for them the next curbstones and cases.

To choose a kitchen case under a sink which will become an element of kitchen set, it is worth adhering to several simple rules: