10 Amazing Projects Made From One Sheet

Where to make a beautiful slab table The best brackets to build a modern dining table

After the table is completely built, and glue in knots of fastenings dried, it is necessary to be engaged in dressing of a table. As it was told above, it can be varnished, covered with wood stain or paint. If you do furniture for a drawing room, it is more reasonable to combine the first 2 options. That is at first to impregnate all surfaces with wood stain, and then to process a varnish.

If you want to use cross fastening of levels, in preparations it is necessary to create the corresponding grooves in advance. Thickness of a crossing point should not be less than 2-2,5 cm, differently the level in this place can break. But for a garden table it is quite enough to fix crossing points with an overlap.

Then the table will be capable to sustain big loading.

At first to a basic disk fix legs. As fastenings it is possible to use ordinary self-tapping screws.

But the design will turn out more reliable and steadier if you take konfirmat (eurobolts).

The matter is that even after very careful primary polishing wood fibers can start puffing up under a varnish coat. It can spoil appearance of a table, and further on a surface agnails are formed. If you are going not to varnish furniture, and to cover it with wood stain, it is necessary to repeat procedure 3 times.